Nike Special Field Men's Boot ( 329798-990 )

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Great fit

I love this boot. I'm in the military and this shoe is lightweight and very durable. It doesn't rub against the heel like most boots. Feels like you're wearing sneakers To work.


Feels Like an Old Favorite

I'm 6 ft, 215 lbs LEO and former Military knuckle dragger with wide flat feet. I wear a 10.5 W in a military Jungle Boot, 11 in Adidas GSG9, and an 11.5 in Oakley SI Boot. Got the Nike in a 11, but shuda got a 11.5. The Boot is built like the jungle boots of old, comfy out of the box...but after a day of running and shooting at the range....started to feel real tight on the top of the foot. The sole is similar to the Nike Free trail shoes, real soft and not built for "humping" with a heavy pack. Built in line with as the Gen 1 Oakley assault boot as sole and cushoning with an approximate life span of 6 months of strenuous activity. All in all, good for running and gunning....not good for road marching. Hope this helps


Good for Urban, Bad for Field

I have mixed feelings about this boot, I did a urban ruck for 20 miles, dry and wet, this boot was perfect. It dried fast and I didn't get any blisters (I even had thin summer socks on).I also did some land navigation classes on fairly rough terrain... this boot was terrible. My feet were in a lot of pain. Rucking on loose or uneven terrain was unbearable, blisters on the achilies and sore feet were my lasting memories (I had thicker, hiking socks on).Conclusion: If you don't plan on doing anything but wearing this in an urban + warm weather environment... then it's great! Otherwise this is NOT an all around boot. Be prepared to purchase another boot for more rugged terrain.


did not catch fire

I ran into a burning building to rescue orphan puppies. The boots worked wonderfully. 10/10 would save puppies again.


Stylish Winter Boots

My 12 yr old son loves his first pair of Mens boots.

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