Nike SFB Field 8" Leather Men's Boot ( 688974-220 )

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Light and comfortable

Very light making them good for ruck marching. Although the rubber is starting to wear down. Suede holds up nice and so does the glued sole.


Great for some

This boot felt great right out of the box. Around garrison, in the office, or training they are extremely comfortable, although I noticed they were a little tight through the toe box. For me, however, they did not perform well when I put weight on my back. I ruck a lot, and my first time out with these I got blisters on my little toes (never happened before). When I tried loosening the laces at my toes my right heal slipped and I got a blister there. I've got friends who love these boots, though, so maybe they just work for my feet. I'd recommend giving them a try. Nike has a good return policy if they don't work out.


Fit for soldiers

Very comfortable and more sturdy! Not as comfortable as the first version but very comfrotable nonetheless I've been wearing nike boots since the army allowed them no complaints!


Good boot but it needs some reinforcing.

I have had 2 pairs of these boots and they both have failed in the same spot. The tongue wears out very early from the lace rubbing exactly where the 3rd and 4th lace cross each other forming a "X". This has happened to me twice and on both pairs on the left and right. I'm a Network Technician so, I don't beat my boots up like the Soldiers who use them in the field. I wear them 95% in garrison. That's the only negative comment I have about this boot. They are light weight, comfortable and look cool. I would recommend that Nike reinforce that weak area with a strip of leather or other durable material.


Excellent boot for Rucking (new uniforms for Army need coyote versions)

This is an excellent boot it is my second pair I have owned I used these as an everyday boot during the summer and my main tucking boot I only wish that Nike just in general even with ALL there products would make a WIDE size shoe or boot.....this boot would of been the best boot I ever used only if the size was wider due to my wide feet and the insole a little more softer....other than that I have no other complaints with this boot......PSA: Nike can you PLEASSE make this boot in Coyote color way very soon due to the new AR 670 regulation change in uniforms and new uniforms the Army has started to issuing out....

5 Item(s)

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